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  • Christy Hemphill

How do levels work in Gymnastics?

Each level of the Gymnastics curriculum has requirements that need to be achieved in order complete the level. These requirements are skills that must be attained to a certain standard, degree, height etc. Being skill based, moving levels in not based on the length of time enrolled in the class, but rather each individual child’s progress and ability. Most levels tend to take approximately 12 to 18 months for the “average” child to complete. Some children will need longer, whilst other children in may progress at a super fast pace and be ready to move up in less time.

This year the children will only have been back at gym for a few weeks before we close for Christmas, however coaches have still been assessing gymnasts to see if anyone needs to be in a different group for 2021. The majority of our Gymnasts commenced a new level at the start of 2020, so their Gymnastics “year” has only been 12-13-weeks long.

Whilst our online programs during lockdown were beneficial in that they gave the children something to do and helped to maintain some fitness, these programs mainly served to prevent the children from sliding backwards, rather than the mastery of new skills and routines.

With this in mind, it is easy to see why few (if any) Gymnasts will be moving up a Level in December this year. So after the Christmas break we will continue where we leave off in December and continue to work through the skills from our carefully developed curriculum. Our coaches will continue to monitor and assess gymnasts to make sure they are progressing and are in the group best suited to their ability.

In 2021 we anticipate that there will be some children moving up levels or changing groups mid-year. To help the kids catch up we will be starting back a week earlier in January than we usually do, and we will not be closing during school holidays. We are hopeful that this approach will help our gymnast catch back up to the gymnasts with their age and experience around Australia.

Track your child's progress!

The skill lists (and your child’s real time progress) can be viewed in our customer portal at any time. Each time the coaches conduct an assessment, or a child masters a new skill this is recorded in the portal.

Once the child has mastered all of the skills for their level, they will have 3 stars next to all skills and you alerted via email. They will then be presented with a trophy for completing the level and the admin team will contact you to arrange to transfer your child into the new level.

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