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Have you ever thought that your vision-impaired child could do a cool sport like GYMNASTICS?

They sure can!  BlindGym caters for children that are Blind or have a visual impairment.   

In our Blind Gym classes the children use:

·        Balance beams

·        Trampolines

·        Foam pits

·        Bars

·        Rings

·        Climbing Ropes

·        And the Tumbling floor


Children begin with basic skills such as safe landings, rolls and hangs and progress through to handstands, cartwheels, somersaults, swings, twists, rope climbs and more!   This helps the kids to work on skills that are emphasised in OT such as fall prevention, falling without getting hurt, balance (and how to regain it), spatial awareness as well as developing strength, flexibility and coordination.


We have a one to one ratio for the participants, meaning each child has a sighted coach assisting them throughout the entire class.  Our staff are qualified Gymnastics coaches, that have “on the job” training working with children that are blind or vision impaired.

For more information about what the program involves please give us a call or send through an email and one of our team will be in touch.

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