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Back to Awesome!

We hope you are all as excited as we are about returning to Gymnastics from tomorrow (Saturday 30th of October). A few things will be different to last time we returned following a lockdown. Please familiarise yourself with these to make things as easy for you, your child and our staff as possible!


All classes except Tiny Tots, Squirts and Playnastics are "Drop and Go".

Spectators are not permitted onsite at this time.


Everyone coming inside needs to be checked in using the Services Victoria App. This includes children. Save your child/ren into the Services Victoria App – then you don’t need to add them each time you visit

Families with children attending Parent Assisted Programs (Tiny Tots, Squirts and Playnastics)

Both the adult and the child need to be checked in

Families with children attending Independent Classes (Monkeys, School-Age, Competitive)

Only the child needs to be checked in. If the adult needs to come inside (to pay, use the toilet, assist upset child, speak with customer service staff) they also need to be checked in.

Parents of older children / teens (who either don’t normally drop them off or come to the door)

If your child is old enough to have their own device and has the Services Victoria App on the device they can do this themselves (we have guest wifi available). Otherwise, you will need to get out of the car and accompany your child to the door and show the Checkin Marshal that the child has been checked in.


Everyone aged 16 and above needs to present proof of vaccination to enter the premises. Our check-in marshals will ask to see this at the door each time you visit.


Everyone over the age of 12 will be required to wear a face covering – no exceptions / exemptions.

Children in Grade 3-6 will be required to wear a mask. Masks must be worn at at any time when the cannot be physically distanced. Masks can be removed when they engaged in strenuous physical activiity, out of breath and appropriately physically distanced (i.e one child on a large trampoline, one child on the beam etc).

Younger children may choose to wear a face covering if they are able to do so safely.

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