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  • Christy Hemphill

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We are delighted to announce that all classes, programs and events are back from Thursday the 18th of February.

We have set up lots of great options to replace the classes missed over the lockdown period. On the weekend of Saturday the 20th and Sunday the 21st we have the following clinics and class scheduled that you can use to replace missed classes:

  • Cartwheel clinics

  • Bars pullover and Back hip circle clinics

  • Flips and Saulto clinics

  • Ninja Zone Clinics

  • Kinder Gym replacement classes

  • Beginner Gymnastics replacement classes

  • Girls and Boys Level 1 -6 replacement classes

For members that missed a class over the 5-day lockdown, please check your emails for the promo code that will allow you to book into these clinics. You can also book into any class with availability over the next three months (including during school holidays) to make up for those missed sessions.

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