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Outdoor Gymnastics is back!

With the current situation in Melbourne it could be a little while longer before we are able to recommence our regular classes and programs. In the meantime the EKGA team have dusted off our "Outdoor Gymnastics" program from 2020, and will be back in the carpark from the 18th of September.

Outdoor training announcement 2021
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During this phase, people are only permitted to travel within 10kms of our homes. If you live with 10kms of EKGA your child will be permitted to attend outdoor personal training EKGA. We will have timeslots and programs tailored at everyone from Kinder Gym, right through to our Senior Levels. For families living further than 10km from EKGA, we will continue to run online private lessons (by request)


Whilst we won’t have the whole gym outside each day, there is still a lot we can set up. Last year we had

Beams, Bars, P-Bars, Mini Tramps, Springboards, Crash mats, Strip mats, Air floor, Wedges, Mushrooms and lots more! The lesson plans will be tailored to make the most out of the equipment we have available and the limited time we have.

Keeping the kids SAFE

The carpark will be fenced off with crowd control fences to keep the kids contained. This will keep the kids in and everyone else out! The concrete slab of the carpark is exactly the same as the concrete slab inside the gym. The landing surfaces and surrounding “overflow” areas will be carefully matted with strip mats, scatter mats and crash mats. Coaches will conduct regular equipment safety checks to ensure the equipment is safe and stable. The staff conducting the sessions have all had at least one (and most two) doses of the Covid vaccine.

What to wear

As training will be outdoors members of the general public walking past will be able to observe training from behind the fence. Gymnasts are encouraged to dress accordingly. Leggings / shorts etc may be worn instead of leotards if preferred. Gymnasts need factor in the weather and being outdoors when dressing for class. In warm weather Gymnasts should have SUNSCREEN applied before arriving for training and should wear a hat. In cooler weather we encourage long sleeves, long pants and layers that can be removed during training.

All Gymnasts should wear GRIP Socks or Gymnastics shoes, as the mats can get very warm being outside all day.


Outdoor training will begin from Saturday September 18th, and we plan to run it until we can start back indoors. October. We will have time a range of time slots available for different levels / abilities. Log into the Customer Portal and pick an appropriate slot that best fits you schedule.

For Weekend timeslots they will remain the same during the school holidays as well as when term begins. If you book a Saturday or Sunday timeslot it is ongoing.

For Weekday time slots we will have one timetable for school holidays where you can book a “one off session”. You can book a session for one of the weeks or both weeks.

Bookings are also open for the weekday timetable which will be operating after the holidays.

Booking can be made via the Customer Portal or the App!

Book here for school holidays sessions or 3-day Gym Camps

Book here for weekend sessions (school holidays and school term)

Book here for weekday sessions from October 5 (start of Term 4)

Covid SAFE

With our “Semi private” 2:1 training sessions only staff that have had at least one Covid vaccine will be instructing the participants. Gymnasts and coaches will be temperature on arrival. Families will be asked to keep their child home if anyone in the household has any possible symptoms, has been to an exposure site, has been instructed to isolate or is awaiting results of a Covid test.

Gymnasts will remain physically distanced from each other. Coaches will maintain physical distance as much as possible and will only touch gymnasts for safety reasons. Coaches will be wearing masks. Gymnasts aged 12 or over must wear a mask, children under 12 are encouraged to wear a mask.

Melbourne’s weather

This time of year Melbourne has an average maximum temperature of around 19 degrees, and there is usually rain 1-2 days per week. If rain or severe weather is forecast we will text you to cancel the outdoor training session. You will not be charged.


Semi private (2 participants):

30-minute session $24.50 each

60-minute session $40.00 each

We will require a credit card on file, but will not process the payment until after the lesson has occurred to ensure you are not charged for sessions we cancel due to inclement weather or you cancel due to Covid -19 related precautions.


Reserve your spot HERE or by using the App!

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