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Using up your "held over" classes -NO ONE WILL MISS OUT

Held over classes from Term 1

During the nine days we were able to be open (before the second lockdown) we were able to run a great number of classes, to help make up the classes that were being held over from Term 1. We know we still have more to run and are putting schedules in place to make this happen.

How will you be able to make up the “held over” classes?

We know families want lots of flexible options that fit their lifestyle and hectic schedule. So we have upgraded our plans so that you will be able to make up these held over classes in the following ways:

· In ANY class (of the same level) with a vacancy from August to December

· In our special EXTRA classes, we will be offering on Saturday’s and Sunday’s during August, September and October

· In our special EXTRA classes, we will be offering during the day, afternoon and evening (7 days a week) during the School Holidays

The following Gymnasts have had their two “held over” classes. They have no further classes to make up.

· Girls and Boys Level 3-6 Monday- Wednesday Classes

· Intermediate and Advanced Trampoline Classes

· MAG Excel

The following Gymnasts still owed ONE class for the “held over” classes from Term 1. They have already made up one class during the week starting June 22nd.

· Girls and Boys Level 3-6 Thursday – Saturday Classes

· WAG Presquad

· Gymstar 3

· WAG 2

The following Gymnasts are still owed TWO classes for the “held over” classes from Term 1.

· Kinder Gym (Tiny Tots, Squirts, Monkeys, Twirling Tumblers and Lil Ninja’s)

· Ninja Zone

· Girls and Boys Beginners

· Girls and Boys Level 1-2

· Beginner Trampoline

· Beginner and Intermediate Tumbling

** A small number of Girls Beginner and Girls Level 1 classes have already made up one of their held over classes.

Some WAG 3-10, MAG 2-5 and Gymstar 4-10 have between 1-2 classes held over, depending on if they have been able to access the offsite Sunday training.

These families will be contacted directly to let them know how many classes they can make up.

A word about payments

We have not processed any Direct Debit payments since March. For Gymnasts that are not yet back at training, the next Direct Debit payment will be deducted on August 21st

Nothing will be charged to anyone's account until then unless they have expressly "opted in" to an offsite or online training program.

For families that pay fees by the Term, your account will be credited for the 5 weeks that we will be closed in Term 3.

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