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  • Christy Hemphill

Updates to 2021 Covid Safe Standards

We are pleased to announce that with no further outbreaks we are able to relax a couple of our Covid safe rule. The majority of rules will remain in place, however we will be relaxing some of the mask wearing, temperature checking and observation rules. There is no change to the rules regarding spectators during peak periods (afterschool and all day Saturday).

If your child attends during one of the "off peak" times and you wish to observe please note:

· Maximum of one spectator per family.

· Once all chairs are full, no further spectators are permitted.

· Spectators must remain seated on one of the physically distanced chairs (do not move the chairs).

· We currently not permitting “non-participating children” in the viewing area (i.e. siblings). The only exception being those that will remain in a pram / carrier.

· Observers must wear a mask, and have it covering their mouth and nose. No exceptions.

· Observers must check in with our QR code

· No food or drink (includes coffee etc) is permitted to be consumed in the viewing area. Water and baby bottles only.

If you are occupying a seat, please ensure you are actively watching. If you prefer to read, play on your phone or do work, please sit in your car or outside, so that a parent that wishes to watch their child can have the chair.

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