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  • Christy Hemphill

Outdoor Gymnastics is now open to more people

Of course, everything comes with rules and restrictions, so please read carefully over the following information.

Group sizes

Under the easing of restrictions from Wednesday the 28th of September we can have up to five participants per Coach, if the Coaches are double vaxxed. For Coaches who are single vaxxed the group limit remains at 2 participants per Coach.


During this phase, people are now permitted to travel within 15kms of our homes. If you live with 15kms of EKGA your child will be permitted to attend outdoor gymnastics. For families living further than 15km from EKGA, we will continue to run online private lessons (by request)


Whilst we won’t have the whole gym outside each day, there is still a lot we can set up. We’ve been using Beams, Bars, P-Bars, Mini Tramps, Springboards, Crash mats, Strip mats, Air floor, Wedges, Mushrooms and lots more! The lesson plans will be tailored to make the most out of the equipment we have available and the limited time we have.


We will have time a range of time slots available for different levels / abilities, from preschoolers to teens. Log into the Customer Portal and pick an appropriate slot that best fits you schedule. Our Outdoor term 4 timetable is now available and commences from Saturday October 2nd.

Detailed information can be found HERE

Outdoor training updated eased restrictions
Download PDF • 259KB


30 minute sessions $24.50

60 minute sessions $40.00

90 minute sessions $50.00

We will require a credit card on file, but will not process the payment until after the lesson has occurred to ensure you are not charged for sessions we cancel due to inclement weather or you cancel due to Covid -19 related precautions.


Reserve your spot HERE or by using the App!

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