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  • Christy Hemphill

Online Programs for August

Our #EKGAAwesome team of coaches have programs to engage the gymnasts during the additional lockdown period. We have kept the offerings as fun and simple as possible, basically the same as last month.

For one low fee, you have a choice of which online sessions your child can participate in. They can choose to do one, or all of the sessions made available for their Level / Program.

Once you register online you will receive the login details.

Check them out here:

EKGA offerings Lock down 6.0
Download PDF • 188KB

A word about Finances... The online classes are all on an "opt-in" basis. You will not be charged for them, unless you choose to book in.

We have applied credits to families accounts for all training missed from Friday the 6/8 through to Friday, August 12.

We hope to be able to reopen on August 13. We will keep you all posted on any updates or developments. Kind Regards, Christy Hemphill Owner

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