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  • Christy Hemphill

Keep kids SAFE in the carpark

We hope your child enjoying the classes and programs we have on offer at EKGA in 2021. One of our goals at EKGA is to Keep Kids SAFE. Carparks can be dangerous area for children and we all need to work together to help make arriving and leaving EKGA as safe as possible.

Before class please wait have your child wait with you either IN YOUR CAR or on the FOOTPATH (not in the carpark). When a staff member comes to the door and starts inviting your child’s class inside (5-minutes before class) please walk your child to the door. We DO NOT want lines of children in the carpark, whilst people are driving in and out of that space.

When parking in the EKGA carparks we ask you to be mindful that there are lots of children around.

Where possible please REVERSE into parking bays. This not only makes leaving easier for you but also gives you a better view of any little people that may be moving around the carpark. We know parking is always at a premium at EKGA and encourage families to use the on-street parking on the bend of Roberts Road or in Knighton avenue.

We currently have the roller doors up and dismiss children from the roller door. When you collect your child from this point please be just as vigilant looking for cars as would be if leaving via the main door.

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