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  • Christy Hemphill

Covid Safe Settings for 2022

Welcome back to Gymnastics at EKGA for 2022!

Victorians are managing in a difficult time due to the prevalence of covid in the community, and EKGA is no different. We will be doing everything we can to make classes and programs at EKGA as covid safe as possible. With our big roller doors open we make EKGA is as close to an indoor / outdoor space as possible. The vast space in the gym itself allows us to spread groups out and encourages physical distancing. We will continue with the protocols and processes we had in place in 2021, and have added some additional measures.

When we start back next week:

  • All EKGA staff will be rapid tested prior to their first shift back at work. Only staff able to present a negative result will return to work.

  • Facemasks / Face coverings will be required for everyone aged 8 years and above. Younger children are STRONGLY encouraged to wear a facemask if they can do so safely.

  • Coaches will minimize physical contact with gymnasts (spotting, corrections, shaping, etc).

  • No spectators indoors

Other steps we are taking to lessen the risk of transmission occurring on-site include:

  • Canceling the January Holiday Activity Program

  • Suspending Playnastics sessions until mid-February (TBC)

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