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  • Christy Hemphill

August and September Online Activities

With the lockdown again extended, EKGA is keen to provide opportunities for EKGA to interact with their coaches and classmates, as well as exercising and showing off their gymnastics skills. The feedback we received from the live session with Georgia Godwin was fantastic. Getting together with other kids from the gym really seemed to lift peoples spirits.

Over the next few weeks we have several great online events we are making available to EKGA members that we hope you will join us for

  • Friday 20/8 Online Disco fun Night - book online

  • Tuesday 24/8 Online Nutrition for Gymnasts session - check your email for login details

  • Thursday 26/8 Online Totally Disgusting Science Week Quiz - email coming soon

  • Sunday 29 /8 Online Competition For MAG /WAG / Gymstar athletes - book online

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