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2021 - Timetable announced and bookings open

At this time of the year, we would normally be sending you information on how to enroll your child for next year’s classes, but we’re doing things a little differently this year. As we have had so little time together in the gym this year, we have automatically re-enrolled all of the Gymnasts into the same class that they were in in 2020 for 2021.

If the day and time you currently attends still suits you for 2021, there is nothing more you need to do to confirm the place! If you would like to change your day or time (we now have Sunday classes available for some levels), or if you will not be returning to gymnastics in 2021, please contact us before 4 December 2020.

Usually, we would be asking you to pay your child's Gymnastics Victoria Registration fee The even better news is that because the kids missed out on so much Gymnastics in 2020, EKGA is absorbing the cost of the 2021 Gymnastics Victoria Registration fee. This will be a saving of between $35-$85 per child, depending on the program your child attends! This is our little way of thanking you for sticking with us through these tough times.

Please ensure we have up to date credit card details on file – you can change your card via the parent portal, or call us and do it over the phone. We also ask that you check that we have all your contact details correct.

Because the children have missed out on so much in 2020, we will be starting 2021 earlier than usual, and will be continuing classes year round (including throughout school holidays).

The first day of classes will be Monday January 18 (Monday 11th for WAG7-10 and MAG 4-5 only ), and classes will finish for the year on Sunday 19 December, 2021.

As for this year classes will run up to and on Wednesday the 23rd of December, 2020.

If you have holidays planned in 2021, you can suspend your payments for up to 4 weeks, in blocks of at least 2 weeks at a time. Simply let reception know that you will be away for your holiday at least 14 days before you head off. Suspension of payments cannot be applied after your holiday. We look forward to seeing all of the Gymnasts back in the gym in 2021!

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